What Madonna Teaches Us About Sex and Shame

Charcoal sketch of Madonna, by lucy chen

Charcoal sketch of Madonna, by lucy chen

Don't you find it fascinating how preconceived judgements can close our heart with such a thick solid wall that even the most heartfelt words cannot reach it?

Madonna gave one of the most inspiring speech when receiving her Women of the Year 2016 award. (Watch it here if you haven't already.)

Many people are moved to tears! Yet there are people who still find her offensive even in such a moving speech!

Look inside, ask yourself the hard questions

If you feel Madonna hard to swallow, ask yourself why?

If you find Madonna offensive, ask yourself how is she offending you?

It all come back to the topic of sex, right?

So where do you feel insecure about sex? Who taught you what is right or wrong about sex? Who were these people to tell you anything anyway? Why did you have to accept their opinions?

Chances are, if we are slut-shaming Madonna, we are slut-shaming ourselves! Wherever we're judging others, we're judging ourselves.

When can we all stop judging, and simply accept and appreciate?

I feel good with something hard between my legs, too.

So what?

It's time we own our sexuality!