Are You Really Making Progress in Life?

"Life is a Dance (Movement)", oil on Canvas, by Lucy Chen

"Life is a Dance (Movement)", oil on Canvas, by Lucy Chen

Lately I've been wondering: I've been working on my mindfulness and intentions, I'm a very different person now than two years ago, and yes I'm financially comfortable, but why haven't I achieved my financial goal of absolute financial abundance and freedom yet?

Mike Dooley answers in his book Life on Earth:

Know that the miracles of our progress are almost always invisible, which doesn't mean they aren't happening! Do not judge your progress with your physical senses alone, as they were not designed to see the workings of life's magic.

How true that is! Though, I finally CLEARLY saw my progress with my non-physical sense in my last Introduction to Essential Oils class!

Guess what happened?

I texted people in my list and asked if anyone was still shopping for Christmas presents. A guy I met once before and hadn't seen in two years replied and invited me to show him our products in his office after work. I accepted.

And guess what? Turned out that he had other things in mind!

Don't worry. I was totally unharmed, physically or emotionally. Though he had other intentions, he was a gentleman. And my intention and boundaries were crystal clear from the beginning all the way through. He even opened up and shared with me his ambitions and addictions.

Seeing the way he perceives and deals with life, I reflected on myself. I felt so grateful that I had awaken from that limited and mundane illusion, and living a much more fun and abundant one.

We're on the 3rd floor of a skyscraper

Is working six days a week, and spending the seventh day cleaning the car, mowing the lawn all there is to life? Are buying a fancier car or a bigger boat the only goals worth pursuing?

Apparently, that's all some people can see. But even for them, deep inside, subconsciously, they know there's more.

That's why they feel bored, they feel unfulfilled. They chase one material goal after another. Showing off material possessions to prove their worthiness, and seek temporary relieve and excitement in alcohol, drugs or sex.

But they'll never experience contentment or joy or true happiness this way. Because these feelings are on whole different levels to living life on earth!

It's like standing on the third floor and think that's the top, not knowing that you're in a skyscraper that goes all the way into the clouds!

All it takes is to wake up, and take the elevator upstairs up to joy and abundance!

Abundance goes way beyond the material

For the first time ever, I truly realized that my life is much richer than mere more material possessions.

It's one thing to understand this intellectually, and entirely a different level of experience when you embody it.

I can see clearly now that I have made huge progress in my life.

Let's own our abundance

So the answer to the title of this post is clearly a NO!

Can't we see that we have always had more money than we are broke?

Money is an energy, she flows, and she loves to be loved and appreciated. Let's stop for a moment, and just be grateful for how she flows to us with ease. If you disagree, rewrite your money story.

Money is spiritual. Love is spiritual. Happiness is spiritual. Lust is spiritual. Everything is spiritual!

Let's own our own infinity and embrace abundance in every sense the word represents!

Are you ready for a rockingly joyous life?