3 Essential Oils to Help You Find Forgiveness

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"There's nothing to forgive, because no one has done anything wrong." - Bryon Katie

Even though this state of Bryon Katie seems quite far-fetched for most of us, I think we can at least all agree that forgiveness sets us free?

Wouldn't it be nice to completely let go of the people who've hurt us and betrayed us, let go of feelings of anger and resentment, guilt and shame.

Wouldn't it be nice to forgive others, situations and ourselves, and feel complete peace?

How to Forgive

Here are some great advice and practical steps:

  1. How to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You in 15 Steps, by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  2. What It Really Means to Forgive, podcast episode by The Life Coach School
  3. 7 Simple Steps to Let Go, my simple exercise with an option for artistic expression

How Essential Oils Supports Forgiveness

Essential oils have been proven to elevate mood in clinical trials. Smells are carried directly to the brain through the olfactory system to the limbic system, which evaluates the sensory stimuli, registering pleasure, pain, danger or safety.

Because of scents' direct pathway to our memory and emotion, it makes aromatherapy very powerful in supporting emotional healing.

When we combine the use of essential oils with taking the action steps from the above list, we'll reap the sweet fruit of forgiveness with more ease and flow.

Oils that Support the Forgiveness Process

I use and support dōTERRA essential oils as they are 100% Pure, Ethically and Sustainably Sourced from the the part of the planet where they naturally thrive, tested for potency and purity, third party tested and are safe, natural, free of contaminants/synthetics/fillers and offer incredible therapeutic value. The co-impact sourcing model also supports farmers globally including from many developing countries as well as here in Australia. Find out more here.

Geranium Oil

As the oil of love and trust, geranium heals the broken heart, and restores trust in the goodness of others. It softens anger and assists reopening of the heart so that love can flow freely.

Use geranium oil to go from feeling unloving, disheartened, abandoned and unforgiving, to a state of feeling the emotional healing, trusting, forgiving, gentle, loving and open.

Thyme Oil

One of the most powerful cleansers of the emotional body, thyme brings to the surface trapped feelings of anger, resentment and unresolved negativity. It empties these negative emotions, and opens the heart to receive love and forgiveness.

Use thyme oil to go from feeling angry, bitter, resentful, to forgiving, open and understanding.

Forgive Oil Blend

This special blend of herbs and tree was formulated to counteract the emotions of bitterness, cynicism and hostility, and help you discover forgiveness, kindness and understanding. It invites you to forgive others and yourself, to free you from the burden of anger, resentment and shame.

Use the Forgive blend to go from feeling critical, judgemental, cynical, blaming, to forgiving, free, light and loving.

Would you like to find out more about the oils or even try them for yourself? Click here to see how to get some.

What do you Need to Let Go Now?

Are you carrying the burden of anger and resentment, either towards others or yourself? What or who do you need to forgive now?