Hello, my name is Lucy Chen.

I’m an artist, art teacher, mother, and I'm training to become a Certified Aromatherapist and a Certified Art Therapist.

Through my practices, my vision is to remind you to fully accept and love yourself, completely and unconditionally. Because only when we are self-full with divine love, we live our life in joy and with authenticity, and we will also be open to infinite possibilities.


Instead of working hard to meet other people's expectations, what if you are aligned with your own heart's desires?

Instead of climbing the corporate in search for the illusion of happiness and success at the top, what if you can simply create your own abundance? 

Instead of eating junk food and and feel guilty afterwards, what if you can nourish your body with a yummy plant-based wholefood diet?

Instead of blindly relying on conventional medication, what if you are empowered to take care of your own physical and emotional health through nutrition and natural solutions?

Instead of feeling stressed constantly, even depressed by the meaninglessness of it all, what if you can experience more joy, freedom, passion and meaning?

When you deeply and fully love yourself...

You are empowered to making positive changes.

You are more compassionate towards ourselves and others.

You are more creative, passionate, and free!


Who you truly are is not the ego. It's the infinite spiritual being that cannot even be named!

Your spirit knows no limits where everything is possible!

You are a divine emanation of God (or the Universe, the Force, or whatever word you use).

When you see that, know that, how can you not love yourself?

So embrace your abundance!

Abundance is your birth right. How can it not be?

Embrace your abundance in health, money, freedom, and love!